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1. Personnel file management: add personnel files can be alone for specified department add personnel, if personnel is more for batch add personnel archives, if there are new department, the system can automatically create the new department and includes the personnel files. The department branching structure executable dragged type adjustment branch.

2. Definition: custom period on/off time periods, and attendance iris identification valid time, according to the different work attendance on/to periods detailed requirements can be set.

3. Attendance scheduling: calendar type date entry, attendance managememt intuitive easily, can according to the group, branch or single personnel for scheduling. Whether a regular or irregular, fixed class can be assigned to the corresponding personnel and branches.

4. Abnormal attendance entry: can manual entry out and leave the number of days, time and reason, if special circumstances leakage iris attendance executable fill attendance.

5. Switched gt2: but with designated personnel adjust class, gt2 class.

6.Work overtime audit: can record the overtime to personnel examine empress statistics for overtime, if not audit work overtime records are not statistic for working overtime.

7.Late arrivals, early departures not charge: be counted out late arrivals, early departures absenteeism personnel's late arrivals, early departures of time, not iris identification and period of details.

8. Convenient search function: according to different situations can inquire various needed records, can press date, department, staff query, such as: original records, attendance record, abnormal attendance input (leave out the circumstance such as), late arrivals, early departures did not identify iris, adjustable class notes, etc.

9. Operators signature: in every single operation record behind have a signature line, this can see operation performed in the branch manager's signature

10. Powerful statements function: statements will statistics shows different situations. Such as personal/department summary, abnormal detail/summary, personal attendance consolidated/subsidiary, employee qinghai-sichuan roster and leave out guide often situation such as the statistics, symbols statements can show personnel all details (such as: late, leaving early, overtime, leave details, go out the details, attendance subsidiary, etc.) in symbolic form shows that its symbol may itself Settings.

11. Statements user-defined function: can add new statements, hypothesis user want report form and statement content (online can realize).

12. Designated identification equipment: in a designated personnel in the attendance machine identification operation, if not specified in the device equipment cannot recognize identity operation.

13. Management authority specifies: may authorize administrator management designated equipment, subsidiaries, departments and need operation of the project management, attendance management content (online can realize).

14. Permissions Settings: can be designated personnel in attendance on identifying operations, if not designated equipment is unable to carry out recognition operation.

15. System maintenance: but to expire data selectively cleaning and deadline cleaning. The database backup and restore backup database, should choose the catalogue and restore database in the directory can complete the operation.

16. Peculiarity: set, advanced features for different requirements, the user can embarking field, increase account to cover, permission Settings, custom statements, and can realize operation (online).

17. User friendly: under the same interface, may simultaneously data processing, query data, print all statements.

18. System extensibility is good, have networking functions.

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