Magnetic Sensor


Magnetic sensors are non-contact electronic sensors. They detect magnetic fields or their alteration by ferromagnetic objects. A magnetic sensor identifies the position of object on the basis of a magnetic field.

This is built up either by an external permanent magnet or by a magnet integrated in the sensor. Movements, e.g. of gear wheels, or approximation of objects result in alterations of the magnetic field. These changes are detected by the sensor and evaluated by the integrated electronics. Depending on the sensor type the output signal is digital or analog.

Generally, one differentiates
  • Magnetic proximity switches
  • Magnetic angle sensors
  • Hall sensors
  • Magnetic cylinder sensors


  • Gives an alarm if someone opens the door or the window
  • Secure your doors, windows, and valuable
  • Compact design, no wiring required
  • High sensitivity can be used to protect people against stealing
  • Ideal entry warning for homes, apartments, dorms, offices, and more
  • Electric magnetic sensor detects entry
  • Alarm is activated when the two pieces are separated
  • 90dB to 105dB loud, instant alarm
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Powered by 3 x 1.5VLR44/AG13 button cell

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