Excellent Security Products For Your Residential

We are Exposure in Specialist of Autogates supplier. We provide a wide range of automatic gate systems including auto sliding gates, swing gates for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Autogates enhances the security at your home while bringing more convenient to your lifestyle. Automatic Swing gate system is optimized to offer reliable yet affordable solution for residential and commercial usage. Swing autogate system consist of underground type or arm type. Sliding autogate system automates your lifestyle in affordable way.

VIP Security Systems is focused on delivering cost effective automatic gating systems that can be customised to fit new or existing gates. Our Autogates are the best in quality which built in with security function which can prevent your Autogates from burglary cases and users injury, directly or indirectly will make sure you can live in a secure and comfortable environment. Our Autogates are also designed to beautify your property, where our Autogates hardware has been designed to suit all needs in the market. Our hardware is always smaller and nicer but stronger compared with the products in the market without sacrificing the security purpose of the Autogates.

Our Autogates only providing Autogates and parts with excellent quality. All our Autogates and parts are closely examined and tested before installation to ensure the highest quality in order to fulfill our customer's satisfaction. Our Autogate motor is waterproofed to prevent water damage and making sure our clients can enjoy a long life Autogate products.

Excellent Security Products For Your Commercial

Purchasing a surveillance system for your home or business is not something exceptional in today’s technologically advanced society. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been around for decades and its use as a measure of protection and security is becoming even more prevalent today, when such systems have come around as simple and inexpensive enough to be used for surveillance purposes in both residential and commercial facilities.

We provide CCTV systems that offer added security for your team plus surveillance of your premises for further investigation after an incident. We utilise the latest technology for the supply and installation of digital closed circuit television (CCTV), with digital video recording systems for security and ensuring 24/7 surveillance, recording and security of your premises.

With the enhancements in internet technology providing remote access option, CCTV is now a common request by our clients who wish to have peace of mind that their business is protected at all times. Threat Protect also has the capability of structuring your CCTV system so that it can be remotely accessed by our control room personnel in the event of an alarm activation, providing immediate feedback and confirmation of any level of unauthorised access.

CCTV systems are becoming more and more popular. On the surface, cameras systems look easy to install, after all, there is typically only one composite cable to run to every camera, so how hard can it be? The truth is, installing CCTV may appear easy, but to do it correctly takes experience and know how. Experienced installers such as VIP Security Systems know how to…

Ensuring the correct camera is installed for the application and lighting levels is crucial, as is ensuring the recording format (e.g. motion detection) is correctly configured.

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