Digital Lock


  • Never fumble for keys again! Give temporary code to friends, visitors, house keepers, employees, or anyone in any case!
  • No need additional drill hole works when installing, use the existing handle lock door hole
  • Can set 1 independent master code + 9 user code + 5 ID Card user, easy management
  • Change Master password and Sub passwords freely
  • Master code can delete or add user code and ID Card
  • When staffs left, use the Master code to delete the left-staff code or ID Card, no effect others user code or ID Card
  • Can set passage function, directly opening by press handle, no need code or ID Card Encryption function , for confusing any spies watching as the User code being entered Low battery alarming function
  • Easy to replace batteries, without affect the information of passwords
  • Outer-emergent power supply opening function
  • Master Code Reset function: if forget the master code, after reset to default master code can use as normal
  • Auto. Bolt function, after open, the latch auto. bolt and lift up handle to deadbolt
  • International standard 50 mortise
  • Free rotating handle is adopted to avoid unlock by violence
  • if the products has malfunction, can use the mechanical key to unlock

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